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Before you embark on a partnership with a new supplier, or perhaps if you wish to improve the standards of an existing supplier, it is important to review the factory’s performance and organization to ensure the quality level meets your requirements.

A Technical Audit is a thorough verification of a supplier’s manufacturing processes and quality control systems to provide confidence that your standards will be met or that any shortfalls will be resolved.

Technical Audits With RK Associates

Our Technical Audit is an independent and robust assessment to verify your supplier’s (or potential supplier’s) capabilities. The checklist can be tailored to your particular industry or product, with our specialist auditors providing an overall score to represent the real level of risk in your supplier.

The scope of a RK Associates Technical Audit may cover but not confined to:

  • Basic factory profile
  • Quality management system – factory’s quality manual, planning and management review
  • Resources management – human resources, purchasing and control of measurement devices
  • Stock management – storage of incoming materials, in-process and finished products
  • Incoming material inspection
  • Production processes – workshop organization, quality control during products
  • Packing and quality control processes before shipment – packing line organization, quality control before shipment
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement – factory internal audits, data management
  • Any other specific instructions from the client

Findings are collated in a comprehensive report and a correct action plan is provided to prioritize the most important follow-up actions for the factory’s improvement. 

Independent Engineering Services:

An Independent Engineer, also known as the Lender's Engineer, is a term often given to the engineering representative of the lender, or financier, of a large capital project. The key is to be independent so that opinions on the technical aspects of the project are not biased either in favour of the lenders or the developer/owners. In order to maintain independence, the Independent Engineer is typically selected by the lender, but paid by the developer/owner.

The role of the Independent Engineer is to provide an independent technical assessment of a project or technical due diligence. The qualifications of an Independent Engineer are unusual in that in addition to understanding the engineering aspects of a project, the Independent Engineer must also be well versed in the business aspects of project financing. 







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