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Valuation for Capital Gains, Partition cases, Dispute resolution and litigations

Valuation   for Capital Gains, Partition Cases, Dispute Resolution, Litigations

Capital gain means the profit or gain earned by an individual after selling of capital asset. When the selling price of an asset is more than its purchasing price, capital gain is realised.

There are 2 types of capital gains; short term and long term. Capital gain is calculated on the bases of nature and number of transactions undertaken by an individual in a financial year.

Our Chartered Accountants are specialized in valuation of capital gains and provide up to date valuation of your capital assets. We not only help you in identifying the capital increase or decrease in your property assets but also provide you with details of each transaction related to sale of an asset carried out by you in a financial year.

In every suit for partition the total value of the property, for which the suit is filed has to be ascertained. Out of the total property the share of the plaintiff has to be ascertained and 3/4th of the same shall be taken into consideration for the valuation of the suit.


What is a partition suit?

A partition suit is a proceeding instituted by either of the parties when a property dispute arises in the family. Partition Deed is an official document, created either by order of the Court or through negotiation between the parties. Basically, it represents the portion of the property claimed by each of the party.


Our dispute resolution consultants specialise in evaluating valuation-related facts and circumstances in the context of corporate transactions, including carve-out situations. We mainly work on the valuation process and/or the valuation methodology used in conventional share deal transactions. Our services span the entire range of valuation practices. We can state our position on any and all valuation-related facts and circumstances in the context of transactions by issuing expert reports or appearing as experts on behalf of disputing parties.

Disputes over the value of a business or other ownership interests are sometimes unavoidable. The accurate assessment of economic impact and value and damages in these legal matters often depends on sophisticated analytic, economic, financial and quantitative analysis.

Our team can advise claimants or defendants on assessing the underlying operational and financial issues. We work efficiently, in each case assigning a hand-picked team that is ideally placed to pursue our clients’ interests. In addition, our subject matter specialists are regularly called as independent experts by arbitrators.

Our respected professionals serve as experts in litigation, bankruptcy, arbitration and mediation in local, state, federal and national courts as well as with international arbitrations. We have quantified damages for loss of business value, disputed business value, warrants and stock options, corporate and securities claims, labor and employment disputes, and lost profits in matters successfully resolved in and out of court.

Our independent, objective written reports and verbal testimony reinforce your legal position. We support you and your attorneys through case assessment strategies and expert reports that quantify economic loss or damages, settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolution and economic evidence. 



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