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We live in an age of globalization where economies & businesses have become tightly connected with one another.

To reap the fruits of globalization, scale up the business operations and serve the market and society with improved & cost-effective product and services deliveries, it is important to join hands in the form of Mergers and Acquisitions & Joint Ventures for gaining technology support, entering into niche areas, business consolidation, research & development, sharing of expertise, location advantages.

However, successfully handling the deal becomes very important to make it a success. Before entering into a transaction, it is important for the businesses to evaluate several different direct aspects of entering into a transaction like a long-term plan, key purpose to achieve, strengths and weaknesses of the entity, key takeaway from the transaction, key synergies to achieve and indirect accounting, tax, regulatory, legal, management and cultural aspects of the target company carefully and preferably through the help of experts.

Our approach while providing Transaction Advisory Services is always holistic and we keep in mind the accounting, tax, regulatory, legal, management, and cultural aspects which come with any transaction advisory deal. We handhold the client in this critical and complex situation of the deal by managing all the individual parts of the deal and implementing them with a single-minded focus to make the transaction deal totally a success. Our support goes right from the post-transaction implementation up to the settling down period of the transaction.


Why does any company need the guidance of transaction advisory consultants?

With these banking experts' help, you can take advantage of a wide range of transaction advisory services under one roof. With their assistance, your business will run smoothly, and it will be able to realize its full potential. From planning to execution, every phase is carefully monitored by these firms. The guidance and services that they provide are beneficial to your organization, as the consultations, they offer to allow organizations to flourish and achieve remarkable things.

A successful business involves a lot of sweat and dedication toward hard work. In order to achieve more & more substantial goals, every decision is a small step in the right direction for those achievements. Whenever a business is facing a distinct set of challenges, it is imperative to overcome those challenges in order to achieve success. In such situations, where a business is exposed to a distinct set of challenges and risks in business transactions, it becomes essential that a company should avail of the transaction advisory services from the transaction advisory consultants. This is always needfully done to reduce the transaction risks that could derail progress toward the goal. That's why whenever the topic of discussion comes to business transactions, there is nothing better than entrusting the responsibility to transaction advisors. Especially in business transactions, where it is advisable to avoid uncertainties and avail of transaction advisory consultancy.

It is believed that transaction advisory consultants assist businesses in getting more deals and in reducing all the risks in business transactions. The professionals in this team possess relevant knowledge and a high level of skills in their field of expertise. There are other numerous services also offered, including financial and strategic advice, while finalizing a deal. Their homework is to do well in advance, and they conduct thorough market analyses to reduce these risks. They also possess hands-on experience dealing with a variety of industries, including the IT industry as well as the food industry, and other sectors as well.


How our professionals will help you with Transaction Advisory Services?

R.K Advisory & Consulting Group has well-qualified professionals who provide financial, tax, information technology, operations, disputes, and cyber security due diligence to private equity, hedge fund, and strategic investors. We advise on all aspects of the investment cycle, employing an approach that focuses on value drivers and deal-breakers that are critical to investment decisions. We remain part of the deal for the client and play an important role in the negotiation process.

  • Most financial and tax diligence focuses on historical operations and results. We analyze the historical performance but also use this information to determine if the projections are based on reality. We inform our clients of the future benefits and pitfalls that may be encountered in a transaction.

  • Virtually no conflicts or independence issues under Sarbanes-Oxley. We can provide due diligence, Valuation, Projection Analysis, Fairness and solvency opinions, and Fair Transfer Pricing on the same transactions, allowing us to be an advocate for our clients during the negotiation process. 

  • Senior management attention throughout every phase of a transaction.

  • Access to the industry expertise of our Mergers and Acquisitions and valuation groups, which enables us to identify potential targets as well as key deal issues.

  • We integrate valuation, business incentives, process improvement/merger integration, and commercial diligence within the financial due diligence process.

  • We do a detailed analysis of Business Strengths & advantages and drawbacks & limitations and advise our clients accordingly to enter into the transaction and if yes then on what pricing.


Transaction Execution, Accounting, Reporting & Integration

Throughout the full lifecycle of a transaction, we support clients with both acquisitions and divestitures, focusing on assisting deal teams and finance functions. R.K Associates can provide direction in the deal and target screening, sell- and buy-side due diligence, transaction accounting, and reporting, and business integration or separation.


Preparation of Information Memorandum/ Investor Proposal 

The Preparation of the Information Memorandum and Investor Proposal covers the subjects which are as follows:

  • Project Details.

  • Profitability projections as per current condition and situation of the Project.

  • Ascertaining & showcasing the viability plan of the Project for any investor/ resolution applicant with possible scenarios.

  • Expectation from the resolution applicant for resolution.

  • Preparation of Project Teaser for the probable investors/ resolution applicants

  • Identification of probable investors/ resolution applicants




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