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Infrastructure networks, such as for land-based transport systems on land, represent vast investments, made over many generations by both public and private sector organizations. Infrastructure Assets (roads & civil infrastructure, ports, railways, airports, power & energy, etc.) are necessary for the maintenance and growth of any Country and in fact a key growth driver. Because of its nature, Infrastructure is capital intensive and requires significant investments from the Government and Private Sector and also in the form of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).


And when these kinds of infrastructure properties or Specialized Assets are very valuable for any public or private sector and even for a country as well. Then the valuation of these infrastructures becomes more complex. Because we need to understand the nature of every asset which is involved in the infrastructure project. 


And for these types of very complex valuations, the public and private sector both wants someone who is an expert in the valuations of these kinds of subjects. The RK Associate’s name came first. Because of our really good Valuation services in India.  


Experts with a really good amount of experience. They understand the need of every industry for valuing their complex infrastructure projects or specialized assets. Then we give the exact valuation of every complex infrastructure or specialized asset. As we did so far till now we started. 





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