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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and cross-border restructurings are gaining tremendous significance for businesses seeking inorganic growth, recovery, and efficiency. Given the dynamic and complex nature of the statutory framework governing the Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions, it is imperative that these transactions should be structured appropriately in a tax and regulatory-compliant manner.

At R.K Associates, we provide our mergers and acquisitions services and transaction tax advisory services in which our experts understand your business, anticipate your needs and come up with robust tax solutions that help you achieve business objectives ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Our tax experts offer end-to-end transaction advice and implementation support services.


How do Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors help in the Sale of Business? 

I. Quicker Turnaround: Mergers and Acquisitions advisory firms helps in saving time, do research and everything on their own, and work out all nitty-gritty of mergers and acquisitions in a well-researched and calculated manner, the possibility of its success is high and cannot be ruled out.

II. Ensures Genuine Buyer:  We have a lot of contacts and business connections that help in getting a suitable buyer, which otherwise can be a difficult task for clients.

III. Helps in Negotiating Better prices because of the expertise in analyzing the business potential, gauging the market interest and potential buyers’ interest.

IV. Stress-free process frees you from unnecessary worries about these complex transactions. A highly professional Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor always tries to get you the best deal possible with ease.


The Transaction Tax Advisory (TTA) competency is composed of teams focused on the tax aspects of the client’s capital agenda. We have dedicated professionals focused on buy-side due diligence, structuring, and cash tax modeling; sell-side tax assistance, structuring, and cash tax modeling; internal restructuring; capital structure and refinancing; distressed debt and bankruptcy; and tax attribute calculations and monetization strategies.

The International Corporate Tax Advisory competency (ICTA) is responsible for advising clients on international tax operations, including cross-border controversy, international policy advisory, international tax quantitative services, internal restructuring, and refinancing.

The Transfer Pricing (TP) competency addresses planning, documentation, and controversial issues associated with all types of intercompany transactions, assisting companies with supply chain matters, with a focus on intangible property, and helping companies accurately reflect and monitor their transfer pricing in their financial systems.

As Transaction Tax Advisors, we advise our clients throughout the transaction life cycle on key drivers to increase value and reduce the tax risks and uncertainty inherent in transactions. We perform due diligence projects to provide a thorough review of tax returns, legal documents, and financial statements needed to evaluate and calculate potential tax exposures.

We review, assess, and advise clients regarding tax computations reflected in their financial models; and assist clients in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the tax data in their financial projections for the transaction 

Transaction Tax (TT) is a niche area in taxation, it is like super specialization. TT provides consulting services in Mergers and Acquisitions, demergers, slump sales, IPO, ESOP, Asset/share purchases, and sales. TT team assists clients in structuring transactions/deals in a tax-efficient way, enabling clients to save taxes and ensuring all the compliances, and avoiding future claims/disputes from tax authorities.


Our Service Offerings:

With deep technical skills and practical transactional experience, our Transaction tax professionals will support you in achieving your goals in today’s rapidly changing environment. We offer a broad range of services customized to your specific situation including but not limited.




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