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Valuation of Intangible Assets, Brands & Intellectual Property Rights


An Intangible Asset means an asset that is not in physical nature but has monetary value. Here are some examples: Patents, Copyrights, Brand names, Trade Names, Goodwill, software, etc.  


Valuation of Intangible Assets 

The Valuation of Intangible Assets can be performed by using the:

The Market Approach is an approach that is always considered where an active market is available for intangible assets and there is sufficient information available about its price in an arm’s length transaction. It is used to value software generally, as comparable market transactions are readily available in the active market.

The Income Approach is the valuation approach that converts expected maintainable future amounts of cash flow into a single current amount. Valuation of Intangible assets under the income approach is the aggregate of the present value of expected cash flows or future cost saving by the owner through owning the asset or through a license. Expected cash flows or cost savings should be adjusted with the respective expenses and then discounted to compute the present value.

The Cost Approach is a valuation approach that reflects the amount that would be required currently to replace the service capacity of an asset. Valuation of intangible assets using the cost approach is based on the principal rule of substitution i.e., the amount that will be required to create a new similar intangible asset as adjusted for any depreciation becomes the value of the intangible asset to be valued. The cost method is commonly used to value acquired or internally generated intangible assets like software, technology, assembled workforce, etc. Also, the cost approach is generally adopted when the market and income approach cannot be applied.


Valuation of Brand

Valuation of Brand can be defined as the process used to calculate the value of a brand or the amount of money another party is willing to pay for it or the financial value of the brand. A conflict of interest exists if those who value a brand were also involved in its creation. The ISO 10668 standard specifies six key requirements for the process of valuing brands, which are transparency, validity, reliability, sufficiency, objectivity; and financial, behavioral, and legal parameters. The concept of Brand Value, although similarly constructed to that of Brand Equity, is distinct.


Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights:

Valuation of Intellectual Property is the process of determining the value of intellectual property assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. If you plan to buy, sell or license any Intellectual Property, you need to carry out a valuation of Intellectual Property to understand the value of that particular Intellectual Property asset mentioned in the question.

The value of such assets which are derived through direct exploitation like the sale and licensing of that Intellectual Property or even by not exploiting an asset (i.e., by merely owning it), for example, by minimizing the negotiating power of customers, offsetting supplier power, mitigating rivalry, raising barriers to entry by competitors, reducing the threat of substitutes, etc.


How will RK Associates help you in the valuation of Intangible Assets?

R.K. Associates have a rich quality experience in providing Valuation Services with a PAN India presence to various Intangible Assets like Patents, Copyrights, Brands, Trade Names, Goodwill Software, etc.

We have the capacity and experience to perform the valuation for these intangible assets & Intellectual property Assets. We have valuation teams who have adequate experience to perform valuation expertise on every kind of intangible asset and we have experts from different Industries to judge the Assets in a proper way to give exact valuations of every intangible asset.




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