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With the increasing consensus in expanding the conversation around targeted outcomes of running businesses, there has been a growing need to consider the impact a business makes to all stakeholders, the community at large, and the environment. This change in thinking has been triggered by accelerating climate change over the last several years, with the global financial services community coming together to acknowledge how lending institutions can play a key role in not only mitigating adverse fallout, but also facilitating positive change. Lending is at the core of the business at financial institutions and is driven by, and also influences, the strategic direction for these entities.

Having the ESG lens applied to lending decisions is a clear actionable manner in which financial institutions can proactively drive towards the objectives mentioned earlier. We harness our team’s global subject matter expertise and technology solutions to help clients address ESG challenges and create sustainable value and growth.

ESG criteria, regulations and investments across all industries are evolving rapidly to underscore a more sustainable and equitable future for all. In order to improve the environment, promote social good, and create long-term value for shareholders, companies are actively aligning their purpose, strategies and practices to promote sustainability and equity. Increasing numbers of stakeholders are taking a more active interest in a company's ESG approach, track record, credentials to inform their engagement decisions. This includes investors, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, asset managers and legal professionals.


How will RK Associates help you with our ESG Services?

In order to assist clients in achieving their ESG objectives and navigating the ever-changing landscape of the business world, RK Associates offers a wide range of advisory support and technology solutions. Companies engage with us throughout various stages of their business lifecycle and their ESG journey, leveraging the vast experience and insights that our diverse team possesses in governance and risk in order to:

  • Improve environmental and social outcomes

  • Embed ESG across governance and areas of business

  • Comply with regulation and disclosure reporting

  • Develop ESG policies

  • Align goals to standards and frameworks

  • Increase returns

  • Reduce risk and volatility

  • Deliver sustainable value and growth


Our comprehensive ESG advisory and technology services include:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Screening and High-Level Due Diligence

  • In-Depth Due Diligence

  • Deep-Dive Investigations

  • Value Creation Opportunities

  • On-Going Monitoring and Reporting

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Expert Services


For RK Associates, ESG and good citizenship means protecting the environment, empowering our employees to make positive change, promoting diversity, inclusion, and transparency, in addition to operating with good governance and transparency. For more information on our corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability practices, please see our website.






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