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Preparation of BoQ

Preparation of BoQ:

A Bill of Quantities (BoQ) includes the overall materials on the basis of which the architectural design of a project for the construction is done, like for example a house or different structure. Furthermore, the BoQ offers nearly appropriate quotes with respect to the project.

A civil engineer or quantity surveyor with expertise at determining the materials required for a project, particularly make BoQs.


What Is Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)?

Bill of Quantities (bill of quantity), also known as “BOQ” or “BQ” in short, is a document prepared by a quantity surveyor, or cost consultant that provides the data of quantity of materials, labours, and their costs in construction work.

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is an important inclusion in the tender. A tender is incomplete without a proper Bill of Quantities. It usually contains the description of work, quantity of work, materials used, labours deployed, etc. This information and data help the contractors to quote the rates for their respective work.

BOQ helps in easy assessment and comparison of price quotations of various contractors and also helps in selecting the best alternative out of all. A Bill of Quantities makes the work run smoothly without any complexities. Sometimes, a Bill of Quantities is used to take a reference for future projects.

Objectives of Bill of Quantities.

The objectives of BOQ are as follows:

  1. To provide su?cient and precise information on the work to be performed, to enable bids to be prepared accurately.
  2. To systematize the tendering process.
  3. To provide a detailed idea regarding the work and its rates, and also the final amount.




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