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Strong Room/ Locker Room Fitness Certificate


A Strong Room is provided in each Sub Treasury and District Treasury along with an iron gate welded with mesh and with double lock arrangements. The EE R & B must issue a fitness certificate every financial year, otherwise, it cannot be used as a strong room.

R.K Associates is a trusted and leading provider of fitness certificates for strong rooms and lockers. We specialize in ensuring the highest level of security and protection for your valuable assets. Our comprehensive certification process guarantees that your strong rooms and lockers meet the strictest industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and safeguarding your most valuable possessions.


Our Services:

Strong Room Fitness Certification:

We offer thorough assessments and certifications for strong rooms, ensuring that they are built and maintained to withstand various security threats. Our expert team conducts rigorous evaluations, covering areas such as structural integrity, access control systems, surveillance systems, alarm systems, fire safety measures, and more. With our certification, you can be confident that your strong room is fortified against unauthorized access, theft, and other potential risks.


Locker Fitness Certification:

Our locker fitness certification services ensure that your lockers provide a secure environment for storing personal belongings. We assess lockers for durability, resistance to tampering, locking mechanisms, ventilation, and overall functionality. Whether you need certifications for school lockers, gym lockers, employee lockers, or any other type of lockers, we have the expertise to certify them as safe and reliable storage solutions.


Compliance Audits:

In addition to certification services, we offer compliance audits to ensure that your strong rooms and lockers meet all relevant regulations and industry standards. Our experienced auditors conduct comprehensive inspections, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations. With our compliance audit services, you can maintain the highest level of security and stay ahead of evolving security requirements.


Consultation and Advisory:

Our team of security experts is available for consultation and advisory services to assist you in designing and implementing robust security measures for your strong rooms and lockers. Whether you're constructing a new facility, upgrading your existing security systems, or seeking expert guidance on best practices, our professionals will work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.





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