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Efficiency, Productivity, Process and Profitability (EPPP) loss assessment & improvement advisory services



For any company, industry, and trade, Efficiency & Productivity are the two key metrics to assess how well the company is running and utilizing & exploiting its deployed resources and capital.

In this competitive world, the key to success for any organization is how effectively it is utilizing and exploiting its resources to be cost competitive and thereby creating enough profit margins for the company where prices have very little margin to play with.

Having said that, terms like Efficiency, Productivity, Process, and Profitability (EPPP) become juggernauts in this competitive world. All these terms are interrelated & dependable progressive terms with its predecessor. To understand in perspective, Productivity can be achieved when high efficiency is achieved. High productivity can be achieved when processes are well-defined. When all 3 are aligned and in sync with each other then it leads to high-profit margins for the company.

Most of the large-scale and mid-scale company’s management faces problems in achieving process efficiency and high productivity and utilization of currently deployed resources, be it manpower or physically deployed resources, such as land & building and Plant & Machinery & equipment.

Over a period of time, any system and the company is overloaded with redundant, cumbersome & outdated processes which requires well thought of periodic cleanup activity to streamline the processes and to eradicate the redundant and unnecessary processes which add up to the cost without generating any effective productivity as such.

However, this activity requires enough time, insight, foresightedness, and a well-planned strategy to streamline it over a period of time without disturbing or with minimal disruption in the current run process. This can be done only by an insider who is very well aware of the Industry and the company as such. However, due to the overload of current operational works and the pressure of client deliveries, this activity doesn’t attract most of the company’s management focus and they keep postponing this clean-up task and make it a secondary priority which eats up a good amount of profit margin of the companies over the period of time.

That is where an external expert like us helps in which has the expertise, the experience of similar Industry peers, and knowledge of Industry best practices through which our team identify the current gaps in the processes which are consuming more cost and time and involvement of more resources, thereby increasing the overall cost of the functioning of the process and reducing the overall profit margins of the company.

This service is taken prudently and has the effectiveness and potential to increase the company’s profitability by at least a minimum of 5-10% points which is a wonder in this competitive world.


We at R.K Associates:

  •  Review & study your current business process in detail.

  •  Identify the major and minor gaps which requires streamlining and improvisation.

  •  Make a loss assessment report that because of not improving the gaps how much each item is adding to the cost.

  • Further advice on each item, based on Industry best practices and how much cost efficiency we can bring and profit margins can be increased with the same set of deployed resources but only by achieving higher efficiency & productivity.





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